We are 3 orbits around a Celestial body.


Manu Barreto - graphic designer, illustrator, art director,

of those whose notebooks are all scribbled, drawn and filled with figures.

She sees a part of her expression in fashion, an extra percentage of color in her life.


André Spirandelli - mechanical engineer, father and born manager.

He is our “foot on earth”. It gathers, organizes and materializes all of Celeste's ideas,

always bringing sustainability as a pillar.

Believes in the experience of a light and balanced parenting.


Ju Spirandelli - fashion designer, mother, creative by essence,

his ideas go beyond the limits of the studio walls.

Motherhood brought the connection needed to put your life purpose into practice,

bring a fashion with essence allied to self-care.


And exchange photos of the sky with different colors and climates

and a strong connection between these stories, Celeste is born.

Full of energy and high spirits,

with beach fashion as a way to enhance

the beauty and stories your body tells.